'he loves me not'

i was sad


long ago the four melons lived together in harmelony and then everything changed when the firemelons attacked

transparent flower crowns!!


so here’s like 30 transparent flower crowns and yep that’s pretty much it!! use ‘em all you want friends (◠‿◠)

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nobody legitimately needs me and that’s a really shitty feeling


look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

Because of one person.

You’re scared to put yourself out there now. You don’t open up to anyone anymore. You don’t let a lot of people in like you used too. You’ve changed. You’re more guarded. Your mindset is different now. You’re not the same person you were before, just because of one person.

The zim phase is a dark time remember iscribble boards

o H MY GOD even though that’s how we met lmao

Reblog if you say “fuck” more than 5 times a day.



i miss getting party bags at the end of parties why dont we still do that party bags were the best part of the party

It was like a reward for being sociable


I love that feeling you get when you don’t remember that you’re reading. When you’re so captured by a book that you forget you’re reading the words. All you see is the descriptions and conversations that being to play out like a movie in your head. You don’t even think about it. Then before you know it, you’ve read 100 pages without realizing it. That’s probably the best feeling in the world. 


More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women


On my way home


On my way home